Custom Multimedia Development

CareerScopeCareerScope is a product we developed (and are still working on) forthe Vocational Research Institute in Philadelphia. CareerScope is a careercounseling system consisting of 12 Director movies and 1 Visual FoxProprogram (see Database Application Developmentfor more information).

The system takes the user through a series of vocational interest andaptitude tests. All of the user information, test results, and calculationsare stored in a database using FileFlex & Lingo. The Visual FoxPropart uses the database created by Director & FileFlex to write reportsand maintain the user data.

Version 2.0 for Windows was released in March 1998, with Version 2.0 for the Macscheduled for summer of 1998.

Portes ouvertesPortes ouvertes is a multimedia course in first year French done forHarcourt Brace College publishers. The concept and Macintosh developmentare the work of Dr. Christopher Jones of Carnegie Mellon University. Our partin the project was preparing the digitial video (over 300 individual clisps),porting the system to Windows, developing the installers, and generallyworking on the final program development.

This product was released for Windows and Mac in January 1998 as partof book/CD package.

CMM InteractiveCMM Interactive (CMMI) is a corporate education title for softwareprofessionals who have heard about the Software Engineering Institute’sSoftware Capability Maturity Model (CMM) andwant to learn more. The program is a business role playing game where the user isthe software process improvement expert. Using the video phone in the office, the user must talk to theother people at the company, identify the problems, and then propose needed changes to the boss.

This product is still in development and is expected to be releasedin 1999 for Windows and Mac.

The 5 Minute Clincal Consult for Dental ProfessionalsThis is a electronic version of a book we did with PEEC (based in Philadelphia) for Williams and Wilkins.

We took the contents of a printed book, reworked it into electronicform, added graphics, an indexing capability, and packaged it on a CD.

This product is currently being marketed for both Windows and Mac.

The Davis Drug Guide DiskThe Davis Drug Guide Disk is another electronic version of a printed bookdeveloped with PEEC for F.A. Davis Company and distributed along with thebook Davis Drug Guide for Nurses.

This product had one non-negotiable requirement, it had to fit on1 high density floppy disk. The bottom line? We managed to get an interface,190 drug monographs (more than 3 MB of text), and the installer onto 1floppy.

This product is currently being marketed for both Windows and Mac.

The Punctuation MarksTeachTrak is an electronic gradebook that accompanies the educationaltitle: “The Punctuation Marks” (for fifth grade students). This project was done with Nuvista Multimedia (of Philadelphia)for Thomas S. Klise Company. As the students use the program, they takea test at the end of each section. These test results are logged in a databasefor the teacher to review using TeachTrak.

This product is currently being marketed to schools for Windows andMac.

As part of our multimedia developments, we develop custom installers,to make sure that first impression is a good one.

Some other past and present mutlimedia clients include,