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TTFN Software, Inc.
President, 1994 – present
TTFN is a custom software house, of which I am the president and lead software developer. TTFN Software has developed projects ranging from corporate training, to management consulting, to Oracle and FileMaker databases, to multimedia applications, to web sites. Among my clients and projects at TTFN Software have been:


·        ITABHI Corporation, “The Foundations of Risk Management” series

·        Vocational Research Institute, CareerScope - Career Assessment and Reporting Software

·        Innovative Health Strategies, an Oracle & FileMaker hybrid database system used in the health care industry

·        NuVista Multimedia, The Punctuation Marks for the Thomas S. Klise Company

·        PEEC, multimedia applications like “The 5 Minute Clincal Consult for Dental Professionals”

·        Accel Software Engineering, the Message Translation and Validation System


The JITLearning Group, Inc.
President, 2000 – present
Our primary product is Just-in-Time Learning, computer based eLearning tool, for which we won a 2005 Gold MarCom Creative Award.  Using the JITLearning product, we help our clients move their education and training offerings into the digital domain. Just-in-Time Learning products are a cutting edge combination of digital video and software that can transform any educational assets into an effective eLearning product.  The JITLearning group has assembled the skills needed to make eLearning succeed:


·        video production

·        video and audio digitization

·        instructional design

·        multimedia development

·        web development

·        software development


We have produced over 100 Just-in-Time Learning courses,  totaling over 1500 hours of digital video, and ranging in length from 1 to 42 hours. These courses are in use by graduate students, medical doctors, school teachers, and churches. We can deliver large volume, high quality video on both DVD and CD as well as providing solutions tailored for delivery of video via networks, the internet, and streaming media servers.


Our clients include:


·        Carnegie Mellon University (H.J. Heinz School, School of Computer Science, and the Software Engineering Institute)

·        Auditory-Verbal Learning Institute and the Bolesta Center

·        U.S.Army

·        Ohio Bureau of Workman’s Compensation

·        Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles


Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Senior Member of Technical Staff, November 1986 - 1995
Project manager and developer for the
CMM Interactive project. The first interactive, multimedia learning product developed by the SEI.


Course designer and trainer, responsible for developing and teaching software engineering courses for practitioners and executives. This included courses on Software Risk Management and Software Design.


Producer of 3 video tapes in the SEI Technology Series:


·        Risk Management Culture by Robert J. Kirkpatrick.

·        Motivation for Software Risk Management by Robert Charette.

·        Up the Down Escalator: A Dynamic Three-Dimensional Model for Managing Risk by Robert Charette.


Manager of the Risk Technical Development Project, responsible for the development, training, and transition of software risk management techniques.


Lead software engineer for design and implementation of the Distributed Ada Real-Time Kernel (DARK). DARK was the first distributed, real-time kernel to be written in Ada that executed on an embedded microprocessor. The kernel demonstrated the applicability of Ada for embedded real-time systems.


Lead software engineer of the Real-time Monitor (RTM) on the Dissemination of Ada Software Engineering Technology (DASET) Project. The RTM is a debugging tool for flight simulators that allows software engineers real-time access to the internals of their Ada simulators, without interfering with the operation of the simulator. Encore Computer Corporation used the RTM as the basis for their Real-time Process Monitor (part of its APLEX Ada tool line).

In addition, the DASET Project, part of the Air Force Ada Simulator Validation Program (ASVP), was instrumental in introducing Ada and object oriented design to the real-time flight simulator community.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Senior Engineer, January 1981 - October 1986
Lead software engineer for software design on the Multi-Role Survivable Radar (MRSR) Program (a land-based, truck mounted radar system).


Lead software engineer and subsystem manager, responsible for software design and implementation of the off-line test generation and data reduction subsystems of the Peace Shield and Royal Jordanian Air Defense System (RJADS) Programs.


Lead software engineer in the development of a test language and support software for the Westinghouse VHSIC signal processor.


Software engineer on the advanced development prototype of the Longbow Helicopter program, responsible for design and implementation of the real-time flight executive for the airborne sensor system. The executive controlled the real-time application software and was successfully flown as part of the demonstration and validation.


Other assignments at Westinghouse included:


·        development of support software the Navy's Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) and Enhanced Modular Signal Processor (EMSP) programs

·        development of radar simulations for millimeter band systems

·        proposal preparation


Financial Analysis Service (FAS)
Head Programmer, May 1979 - December 1980
Director of programming staff. Designed, implemented, and maintained the Student Financial Aid System marketed by FAS to college administrators.


Ohio Scientific, Inc. Programmer, June 1978 - January 1979
Designed and implemented home, educational, entertainment, and business programs for 6502 based microcomputers manufactured by OSI.


Hiram College, Physics Department Lab Instructor
September 1977 - December 1980
Responsible for setting up, supervising, and grading laboratory experiments for introductory Physics classes.



M.S., Computer Science.
University of Pittsburgh, 1993.
Master's project was a study of the issues related to the synchronization
and communication of multimedia data in a distributed network environment.


M.S., Applied Physics.
Johns Hopkins University, 1986.
Master's project was the design and implementation of a computer simulation
of the spin waves in ferromagnets at absolute zero.


B.A., Computer Science and Physics (minor in Math).
Hiram College, 1981.
Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, President's Scholarship, Computer Science
and Physics Honors, Arthur Wright Erskine Memorial Prize in Physics.


Institute for Children's Literature, 1995.




IEEE and IEEE Computer Society member