Database Application Development

CareerScope Management SystemThe CareerScope Management system is the companion piece to CareerScope. The management system is used by a guidance counselor to maintain the database and generate reports based on the data collected by CareerScope.

Version 3.0 for Windows was released in Sept. 1999 and Version 2.1 for theMac released in July 1998.

MTV BuilderThe Message Translation and Validation (MTV) Builder was developed with Accel Software Engineering (based in Pittsburgh) and is a different example of the type of applications we can build. The MTV Builder is a tool for software developers. It allows developers to define electronic messages as a collection of fields, then group these fields hierarchically to form messages. These message definitions are then used to generate code that converts message strings into application specific data. This simplifies many aspects of message processing software because it allows the messages to be maintained at the logical level rather than the code level.

Version 1.0 for Windows 95 and NT was released in May 1998.